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Megáfonos para Cristo

¿Alguna vez asististe a un evento deportivo profesional? Hay miles de personas que gritan en voz alta por su lado ganador. ¿Cuántos creyentes conoces que ponen esa misma pasión e intensidad en su fe? ¿Con qué frecuencia proclaman en voz alta la verdad salvadora de Jesucristo? “. Pablo alabó a los tesalonicenses porque la palabra del Señor … sonó”. (1 Tes. 1: 8). Nuestro Padre celestial quiere que lo mismo sea cierto para Sus hijos hoy.

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hal sabaq lak hudur hadath riadiin mhtrf? hunak alalaf min alnnas yusrikhun bisawt eal lijanibihim alfawza. kam min almuminin taerifun aldhyn wadaeuu nfs alshughf walshidat fi ‘iimanihim? kam eadad almarrat alty tuelan fiha alhaqiqat alaidikhar yasue almasih bisawt eal “. ‘ashad bwls tsalunikiun li’ana kalimat alrabi … bda”. (1 this 1: 8). ‘abna alsamawii yurid nfs alshay’ liakun sahihaan li’atfalih alyawm.



Confidence In U.S. Economy Plunges

Confidence In U.S. Economy Plunges

The U.S. economy has seen its lowest levels since 2016. “It was clear why people were anxious in August, but not so clear now.” The U.S. stock market has rebounded, hiring remains strong and homes prices are rising, yet Americans don’t see brighter days ahead. An overwhelming 60% believe the economy is getting worse.

“Some blame the U.S. presidential candidates for their negative rhetoric and making people feel worse about the economy and their futures than the reality.” Voters of both parties overwhelmingly cite the economy as their No. 1 concern in exit polls. Donald Trump doesn’t just bash the economy, he portrays it as a “loser.”

3 Things To Know When Creating A Financial Plan

3 Things To Know When Creating A Financial Plan

When planning for your future, we must consider what type of legacy we are leaving our children and future generations.

For the majority of people during their working years, human capital and their ability to earn money is their financial asset. For all of us, a long-term investment horizon makes all the difference, but “Millennials are better positioned to capitalize on this in order to shape their futures and to contribute to the greater good of their communities.”

Your Morning Briefing

Your Morning Briefing

Here are a few things to know before the opening bell. The stock market movers–Amazon, Apple, Expedia: (Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) is surging 11% in premarket trading.

Apple (AAPL, Tech30) is edging lower premarket. “Carl Icahn, one of the company’s biggest cheerleaders, said he has sold his huge position in the stock, due to concerns about Apple’s ability to navigate the treacherous Chinese market.”

A Special Purpose

A Special Purpose

Praising the Lord is good for us. In our self-centered society, people are primarily interested in getting their own needs met. “Sadly, this attitude is also witnessed in our churches.” The Lord doesn’t want us to come to church concerned only about ourselves. “Praise lifts our eyes to Jesus Christ and fills our hearts with contentment.”

To praise our Father is to applaud Him for who He is and what He has done in our life.

How To Stretch Your Money

How To Stretch Your Money

If you’ve just received a new position or even if you’ve been working a while, you may find that you’re living paycheck to paycheck without enough left over to meet your goals. A strategy is key in order to manage your saving and spending. “Rather than view a budget as a straitjacket on your spending, think of it as a way to set priorities.”

Track your spending. To meet your numbers, you’ll have to keep track of what you spend. “You may want to use a budgeting site, such as or”

Will The Fed Raise Interest Rates Before The Election?

Will The Fed Raise Interest Rates Before The Election?

There’s one big factor this year that the Fed rarely mentions: the U.S. presidential election. Fed Chair Janet Yellen has stated that any further rate hikes will be data dependent, so what does it mean for interest rates?

The Fed has a lot of power over the economy and stock market. “How the economy fares could sway the election outcome.” If the Fed decides to raise rates too soon it could dramatically affect stock markets, which nobody wants to do before a presidential election.

The Fed has always defended its independence from politics. Although they are in close proximity geographically, the Fed argues it acts based on economic data, not polling data.